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bogie furnace

bogie furnace
Product Detailed
bogie resistance furnace,bogie Annealing and Quenching furnace,bogie furnace

1. Working temperature: 900 °C  

2. Rated power: 45kw

3. Furnace Size: 900 * 1200 * 500mm

4. Power parameters: 380V 3 phase 50HZ

5. Control Zones: Zone 1

6. Air furnace heating time: ≤ 3h

7. Furnace wall temperature: ≤ 40 °C

8. Temperature Uniformity: ± 15 °C

Second, the furnace structure

RT3-45-11 trolley-type annealing furnace quenching mainly by the resistance furnace, heating elements and fixtures; door and door elevator, door compress the seal body; load-bearing trolley car and the drive mechanism and the sealing bodies and so on.

1, the furnace

Furnace steel shell from the oven body and lining body composition.

(1) furnace framework: using channel steel, steel welded together, the overall strength of the stove, no less than flexible frame structure, deformation and other properties.

(2) furnace wall with steel plate welding. Side of the column, posterior column using steel, columns and capitals between the pull between the use of steel to form a complete network structure. Overall strong, solid, durable, and reliable. Furnace look straight, beautiful, no wrinkles or uneven phenomenon. Brush outside the furnace by the relevant standards primer, paint. General color selection by industry standards, key parts of the temperature resistant paint.

(3) lining: for the whole fiber structure, using high quality aluminosilicate refractory fiber structure, the use of standard anchors and inserts installed scientific and reasonable method. Fiber folding block set again before the pre-installed compressed (compressed bulk density ≥ 230Kg/m3), with anchors fixed to the shell on the installation of insulation material thickness 300mm. The structure has low thermal conductivity, low hot melt excellent chemical stability, thermal stability, thermal vibration resistance, excellent tensile strength and corrosion resistance. Pressure part of the car using lightweight high alumina brick and heavy brick, insulation brick building from.

2, heating device

  Five surface heating component heating, located in: the side wall, back wall, car and door.

  (1) furnace parts: the furnace heating elements made of high quality alloy material with high resistance with the resistance 0Cr21Al6Nb material processed into corrugated, were installed on both sides of the furnace, door, rear wall of four surface resistance with the use of special tooling manufacture, to ensure processing without damage. Resistor with mounting screws with special ceramic, its structure, easy installation, maintenance, replacement and quick. And the furnace shell will not short-circuit caused the formation of hot furnace shell localized overheating. Screws and washers are made of ceramic materials in the alumina sintering temperature, ensure adequate strength and service life.

 (2) car parts: the platform is installed on board as the spiral resistance wire heating elements, the material produced by Shougang 0Cr21Al6Nb high resistance alloy.

The equipment at a heating region, heating elements and heating section of the layout corresponds to the setting, the layout of each heating section of a separate heating group (including the trolley combination of surface corresponding to the heating element), there is no cross-layout phenomenon.

3, door and lifting mechanism

Door by the full fiber lining and steel shell body composition. Folding blocks lining the body with fiber production, production methods and the folding blocks lining the furnace body made the same way. Shell-type plates welded together, the overall framework in hot conditions to ensure that no deformation, strong and durable. Ensure their long-term and long service life.

Door using electric hoist lifting, smooth and safe. Set between the door and lining around the soft - hard contact seal structure, that is the side door to seal around the fiber protruding door lined block with a simple, practical,

Teng Furnace Co., Ltd. Jiangsu

Sealed and reliable, and convenient maintenance.

Pressed by the spring compression door agencies, on both sides of the upper and lower door has a 4 shaft, a crank end and a fixed guide wheel, steering wheel on the left and right rails, respectively, the central axis and has a lifting rod elastic rod, when the door rises, the tension and the door automatically form a torque, the spring pressure and promote the crank rotation, crank on the guide wheels being thrust in the role of the rail, forcing the door outward, and from the furnace door, and then to rise. Falls on the contrary, when the door fell on the wheel sets, the enormous tension and gravity disappears, the elastic spring arm rotation drive shaft and shaft to promote the door to the furnace mouth try to be, so as to achieve the purpose of door seals.

4, car, stove plates and driving

Furnace car is a platform bearing the workpiece and the operation of the furnace charging truck Flat size:

Length: 900mm Width 1200mm

(1) fire-resistant insulation materials: car surface for the load-bearing layer is made of heavy slabs, in order to ensure compressive strength. Insulation layer divided into two levels, the first layer of diatomite brick, the second layer of light clay bricks in order to ensure insulation.

Car around the use of heavy bricks shaped to enhance the strength.

(2) furnace car steel: the steel frame and steel welded together, to ensure its rigidity under heavy at full load without distortion.

(3) car drive: Car with cycloid reducer.

(4) car heaters panels: silicon carbide, to ensure that the use of shape and not cracking.

(5) of interlocked: released into the body are equipped with double the insurance limit and with the door of the chain, to ensure safe operation. Furnace car out of a flexible, accurate positioning.

Third, temperature control, recording and power control system

The furnace heating element layout is reasonable, to ensure the temperature uniformity to meet the requirements, the entire electric points 1 ¬ separate temperature control temperature, but also to ensure that the temperature of each heating zone in accordance with the same technology curve.

Standard control cabinet. Master system control cabinet has adopted the international fashion GGD vertical combined cabinet. Cabinet on the design of voltage, current instruction sheet, and each phase of each district heating lamp design, easy to observe the district heating operator is working properly, slow down when heated, there is help troubleshoot and resolve faults.

1. Temperature control: multi-zone sub-control, long the country produced by Shanghai's TCW-32A intelligent digital temperature controller, using its online self-tuning function that can calculate the optimum PID parameters of sub-baked to achieve a more satisfactory temperature stability. Temperature accuracy ≤ ± 15 °C, temperature control, power adjustment, automatic temperature curve meter, two-way thyristor with self-cooling fan.

2. The temperature record: The Shanghai Dahua Figure temperature recorder, record the furnace temperature for the K-type thermocouple. With over-temperature alarm function.

bogie furnace

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